The Clay City Village Board met Tuesday night at the village hall and after approving the past meeting minutes and bills heard the Police Report from Clay County Sheriff Andy Myers.

Sheriff Myers took the opportunity to remind the board and the public that school is starting next week (August 15th in Clay City) and to be on the lookout for children on their way to school in the morning and going home in the afternoon. He urges drivers to use caution near and in school zones, especially as they adapt to the school year traffic pattern.

Clay City Mayor Rod Franklin then opened the floor up to visitors, with Pastor Earl Rice and his wife Jennifer with New Beginnings Church seeking to use Mills Park in September. Pastor Rice said they would like to use the park on Sunday, September 23rd from 2:00-7:30pm. He said the church plans to offer a free meal for the community of hot dogs and chips and drinks and also put on a concert featuring the Faith Country Band as well as hosting an ice cream social. The pastor also asked trustees for permission to post a banner to advertise their event which was also permitted with the stipulation that the church waits until after the Clay City Fall Festival and the church agreed.

In Mayor Franklins report, he noted he had talked to Rodney Pierson with the State of Illinois Highway Department about the possibility of rerouting truck traffic from the Big Four Road onto Route 50, rather than Clay Citys deteriorating streets. He said theyre looking into what actions may be appropriate.

Engineer Mike Bridges updated the board on its desire to seek grant funding to help reline Clay Citys dilapidated sewer lines. He said grant funding is available but in order to qualify, the village must meet the minimum threshold for sewer rates, which it does not. Bridges noted the time is short and the village would need to pledge its matching funds of $160,000 by October 2nd. Bridges suggested, and the mayor agreed, that the time to apply for the grant and obtain a loan for the matching funds is nearly too short. Bridges added the program will be available next year and Mayor Franklin and the board agreed to table the effort for now.

Village Attorney Barry Bright had two issues for the boards consideration. Bright said that with the introduction of 5G wireless technology, devices similar to a router will be placed on existing utility poles or onto new poles throughout communities. He added that the State of Illinois passed a law in June that if a community doesnt have an ordinance on the books to deal with a fee structure for installing these devices, companies can begin installing them without paying any fee. He said the Illinois Municipal League has authored an ordinance with the required fee structure and offered it for trustees to consider. The measure passed on a 5-1 vote with Cody French casting a no vote due to his belief that the measure ensures Clay City will never see the technology because the fee would be prohibitive to any company seeking to install it. Bright then moved on to a proposal to alter the village ordinance dealing with video gaming. He said Knapp Marts application with the state was denied due to an issue with Clay Citys licensing. The fix that Bright proposed was approved by trustees on a unanimous vote. Bright also presented a new three-year contract with D.B.S. Disposal for garbage service for the village. The new rates include increases in the fee charged by the village. The first year, the monthly rate increases to $9.15, then to $9.40 in the second year and $10.15 per month in the third and final year of the contract. Trustees approved the contract, which takes effect September 1st, on a 5-1 vote with Zeb Oestrerich voting no.

The board agreed to give Mayor Franklin the authority to choose someone to signoff on the water testing submission to the Illinois EPA until Utility Supervisor Tyler Turner is authorized to do so himself. The vote was 5-1 with Cody French voting against.

Before going into Closed Session, the board took up New Business. A proposal to make a donation to the U.S. Route 50 Four Lane Coalition failed when no motion was made by trustees.