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The Flora City Council met in regular session yesterday afternoonin Floras City Hall.

The Council heard from Nancy Mills will the Clay County Cancer Crusaders, who received permission to hold their annual event on June 8th, 2019; from Lisa Erbacher and Stacy Rhodes, regarding entertainment in Library Park on September 6th and 20th, which was approved; John Armstrong, from the Flora Eagles, who received permission to hold an outside event on their parking lot on August 18th, which will include a beer garden; and, from Chris Thompson, with the Flora Chamber of Commerce, who received permission to close East and West North Avenue, from the China Buffet to Shirtales on October 18th, for Moonlight Madness, and she received permission for the Halloween Parade on October 27th.

They also approved a payment request, for $7,024.52, to Luttrell Backhoe, for their work on Commerce Plaza; and, they gave their approval to start milling and resurfacing a portion of North Avenue, from Presley Avenue to the west drive of GSI. That project will also include new curbing, storm sewers, and drains. The cost of the project is $708,081.73, which is $10,000.00 below the budgeted amount.

They approved a new Social Media Policy, which will bring the City into compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

They approved an ordinance between the Flora School District and the City of Flora, which will provide the school district with a full-time School Resource Officer. Its a 4-year agreement, with the school district picking up 100% of the salary the first two years of the contract and the City and School District splitting the cost 50-50, the last two years of the contract. That means that over the course of the 4-year agreement, the school district is picking up 70% off the cost of the officer. The School Resource Officer will nowspend 40-hours per week in the schools. The Council then approved the transfer of Dalton Williams from Telecommunicator to Police Officer, effective August 26th; and, they approved hiring Nancy Dehart and Brendal Phillips as Telecommunicators, at a rate of $15.60 per hour.

The Council approved a TIF Faade Grant to Tammy Venable at Tangles Salon, for $1836.00; and, they heard an update on other TIF Faade Grant Candidates.

The properties of Jimmy Neff, at 155 Shady, and of Wanda Stevens, at 439 Seminary, were both declared as unsafe and dangerous.

An agreement with RJN Group, for engineering services on the Citys sewer system, was approved; an agreement with Nussmeyer Tree Service, for tree trimming, was approved at $25,469.63 per year, for 4-years, which is $15,000 below the budgeted estimate; and, approval was given to seek bids for water improvements in Frog Island. The Council also approved the purchase of 8, 30-foot and 36, 35-foot power poles, for $9,048.00 from DeSoto, of Mississippi; and, they approved seeking bids to lease a backhoe.

The Council approved the purchase of equipment for the new Harter-Stanford fire truck, which should be delivered by the first of the year. The equipment is air packs, tanks, hoses, and miscellaneous tools, in the amount of $52,743.47, which was a budgeted item.

And, they passed a resolution relating to the participation by elected officials in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.