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Very little information has been released regarding a federal raid Tuesday on a military surplus business located north of Vandalia on U.S. Route 51.

Military equipment was staged along Route 51 as an estimated 50 federal agents investigated the business, which was reportedly run by 82-year-old Bob Hanabarger.

KTVI-TV, in St. Louis, reported that Hanabarger had sold military surplus items at rummage sales and online for a long number of years. No arrests were apparently made.

Federal officials at the scene and the U.S. Attorneys office would not comment about the apparent raid. Agents from Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF and Illinois State Police searched through storage containers located on the property.

Witnesses stated that an entire storage container was removed with a crane and loaded onto a flatbed truck.

The Fayette County Sheriffs Office declined to comment on the raid, except to say that there were no threats to the area.