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A busy week continued for the Flora Volunteer Fire Department as they responded to two more calls recently.

Tuesday night, at 10:22pm, firemen were called to the Caseys General Store, at 902 West North Avenue, in Flora. Employees of the store reported smelling smoke. When firemen arrived they discovered that there was no fire, but, that the beer cooler had shorted, created some sparks and smoke, and tripped the electrical breaker. Employees were advised to leave the breaker off and to have an electrician checkout the situation. Firemen were back in service at 10:49pm Tuesday night.

Then yesterday morning, at 5:59pm, firemen were called to the shower house, in the campground at Charley Brown Park, west of Flora on old Route 50. When firemen arrived there was smoke coming from the shower house. Apparently someone set both bathroom shower stalls on fire. There was not much flame damage reported; but,there was a lot of smoke damage. Firemen were back in service at 6:35am yesterday morning.