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Miracle Treat Day at the Flora Dairy Queen is today. During this one day today, the Flora DQ will donate $1 to the Childrens Miracle Network and an additional $2 to help a local child, Ivy Vaughn. 

Ivy is the 8-year-old daughter of Jimmie and Wendy Vaughn.  On March 31st Ivy and her father were in a tragic car accident. Sadly, Ivy lost her father that day and she was rushed to Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital, in St. Louis, with serious injuries.

Wendy Vaughn was at her daughters side in the hospital in St. Louis for a week. When Ivy finally came home she had braces for her back, both feet and one leg. She had chemical burns on her face and arm. She was in a wheelchair for several months. She is doing better now and the last of the braces just came off recently. Ivy still has pain in her back (one vertebrae has collapsed) and will need to go back to see her doctors regularly so they can make sure shes healing well. She will also need to continue counseling to help her learn to handle the emotional trauma she has suffered.

Ivy is a sweet girl who sings and likes to play with her dolls. She has a large extended family, which is very close. While she was recuperating, Linda Atkinson, a retired teacher and neighbor, came in every day to help Ivy keep up with her schoolwork. Ivy likes school and is going into 3rd grade this Fall.

Ivys Mother Wendy had recently started working at the Health Department when the accident occurred. Unfortunately, their health insurance had not yet taken effect and isnt any help. They are looking at lots of big bills from the accident and there are more expenses as Ivys treatment continues.

The Flora Dairy Queen hopes that you will support their effort to make a difference for Ivy and her Mother. All the help DQ can offer will be put to good use and is greatly appreciated.

Please remember Miracle Treat Day is today. Buy Blizzards, Blizzard Coupons or make a donation. Everyones generosity and goodwill is greatly appreciated!

For more information contact the Flora Dairy Queen at 618-662-8547.